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I don’t believe in coincidences. And I’ve found this website

Can someone explain to me what’s this website all about?
(Beyond what I already know from reading the few pages)

I know a different story about the 144K ‘StarSeeds’ 

Thank you, 

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When one activates his remembering process, does he accomplish via experiencing some things or is he guided by higher beings in the time/space?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. There is always guidance coming into your aura, my brother, from what you would call higher beings. Your guidance system is always with you and many entities other than your higher self are attracted to those who are seeking and attempting to experience the truth as they understand it. This kind of metaphysical activity alerts many entities within what this instrument calls the unseen realm or plane of existence. You have within your aura, shall we say, many helpers waiting to be asked for help. It is truly written, “Ask and you shall be answered; knock and the door shall be opened; seek and you shall find”.

Information cannot flow to you unless you open the door to it by asking for it. When you do not know that for which you should ask, simply ask for that which your higher self sees fit to share with you in the present moment. We encourage you to ask for this help before you arrive each day, and during the day when you have a moment to reflect, ask again that the spirit may speak to you. When you ask, you open the door to the potential of the present moment and spirit will find many ways to give you hints and inklings. Watch for repetitive numbers. When you see them, ask yourself what were you thinking? Whatever you were thinking at that moment, it would be helpful for you to move further with, to seek more deeply and more profoundly.

Watch for curious coincidences. This also is an invitation that the thought that you were thinking when the coincidence occurred is worth exploring more deeply. Or, if it is indeed a repeating thought that is the coincidence, examine that thought ever more deeply. Sit with it and see how your deeper self responds too.

In terms of the experience of discovering more about your soul stream’s history, it is not the activity of higher beings, precisely, that is involved. If it happens organically and spontaneously, it is the action of your higher self, which in concert with that portion of your consciousness that exists between incarnation is responding to the conditions of your being as you meet the present moment. There are times in your life when you become aware of an entirely new level of the self and it is often at such times that your higher self is particularly active in responding to your needs because a great deal is happening at such times. These are usually times when you have been through a dark night of the soul and as you come to the dawning that lights up your life at the end of such a difficult period, many epiphanies and realizations may hit you like waves coming in from the ocean. It is at those times that spontaneous, new information about your larger self and its history may come to you. Otherwise, what you learn about your soul stream’s history is likely to be because of your focus, your will, and your desire.

@zhangsanfeng Thank you for the long and detailed reply 🙂

And what is the purpose of this Website\Forum?