An interstellar jou…

An interstellar journey after meeting a loved one

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I just had a dream, my love and I, we know each other on Earth, and then we fly to the moon through a capsule, adjust and transfer on the moon, and then teleport to another planet. arrive on another planet and land close to the alien community. Aliens, they also know that we are coming, have long been waiting for us collectively. We all waited in place, waiting for our psychological and emotional adaptation after landing. It took about ten minutes for my wife to get used to her mood and consciousness. We were really on this planet, and her mood was unbelievable, screaming, and then calming down, and then we went to the alien community. The alien community is also made up of different aliens, who drive a large convertible, waiting for us to join, and then we are going to travel to another place, and the car starts. The aliens are speaking languages that we don’t understand. I’m listening carefully and learning their language.