Dreaming that Jay Chou is dead
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Dreaming that Jay Chou is dead

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You may not believe me
i need dream interpretation
I dreamed that Jay Chou died yesterday
Died in a hospital bed similar to a school infirmary

Many people are surrounded by three layers inside and three layers outside
But I feel that he is being used by various groups
In the discussion of various diseases, the treatment methods are delayed

At that time, I thought to myself, what are you guys doing?
What about the ambulance? What about 120? Is it okay to drag the hospital to discuss? People are dying!

Please forgive my dream.
I hope the superstar is safe
His songs accompanied me through my childhood.

A partner who can interpret dreams can also help me interpret it.
Because I really rarely dream of stars
Let alone this one.

I wish you all peace

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Left a screenshot, I hope this is not a precognition dream