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college entrance examination

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This is a nightmare that has accompanied me for countless years. Whether I dream of being scolded by teachers in high school, or that I will not be able to take the exam, the anxiety in high school can accompany a person for a lifetime.

Last night, I dreamed that I played with my friends all night and suddenly knew that I was going to take a political exam in the morning. Although it was an open book and played all night, how could I know where the books were. Fortunately, I found two books in the drawer and opened them to play on the spot. Then I woke up. .

The improvement in this nightmare was after graduating from undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In the dream, I started to become more assertive. When the teacher scolded me, I scolded me back and told him that I had graduated and came to take your class. It's cool to think that I won't take the exam after graduation. Hahahahaha