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I think it may be caused by separation anxiety or something. It was not the same day that I dreamed. I knew I was dreaming when I was in the dream.

The first dream was that I dreamed of my former classmate, a girl who played very well with me. Before that, they went to school together as an ordinary person. Then when I came home, she said she wanted to do something, so I said that I was with her. Let's go together, she doesn't agree, when I was in my dream, I had a feeling that she would not come back after leaving, and then she found a lot of reasons, anyway, she wanted to leave, no matter what I said, she still left, I I had to go home alone. I walked for a long time and didn’t get home. The surrounding scene became more and more blurred and pale, as if being repeated in that scene.

The second dream is about a boy I liked, who was still in school before, but it was raining that afternoon. In the afternoon, the music teacher played a movie for us to watch. I remember that movie very clearly. Several children thought about it. Summoning the devil to fulfill the wish, but the existence of the devil is very Schrödinger, and it feels like it is achieved by our own efforts. Without an umbrella, he and I went to a store to hide from the rain. Later, the fish got bigger and bigger and flooded the whole street. Then a rescue team came to us, there were other people besides us, so I planned to take him away and let me wait for the next trip, I didn't want to go up, and then everyone stopped like the clockwork of a machine, motionless Now, the picture of the dream began to fade again.

The third dream is that I dreamed that there was a bamboo horse in my dream. I went shopping with the bamboo horse, but we went shopping separately. Then I met a strange man, and then we went shopping together for a day. I I thought I liked him a bit, and then the sun was about to go down, usually a few times, he would definitely get rid of me at this time, just as I was about to confess to him, he started running wildly, and I confessed to him while chasing, Then he began to say that he liked my bamboo horse. I was very angry in my dreams, and ran and asked him why he was flirting with me. Then he said that he felt that I was a dangerous person. If he did not follow me, he would be killed. , I was still a little shaken and doubted myself in the dream. I was inexplicably scared. When I woke up, I was covered in cold sweat and my heartbeat was very fast.

Then there are other dreams unrelated to this one.

Zhou Yimu: I had a dream one day that I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to go to the toilet. I was afraid of the dark, so I asked my mother to turn on the light. When my mother didn’t respond, I pinched her. The pinching got harder, the nails got stuck in the flesh, and she still didn't respond. In the dream, I started biting her flesh, the kind that bleeds, and then my mother got irritated by me and started beating me, and then I was spun under the bed by her, and I just knocked my head to death.

Second week: I woke up again in a dream, this time during the day, I saw my mother beside the bed, I wanted to tell her about my dream, and then my mother began to deform like in a horror movie, The face turned into a very distorted ghost, and then rushed over and killed me again.

Then I woke up two more times in the dream, and was killed by my mother twice before I really woke up.

Then there is something unrelated to these two, which I dreamed about when I was very young.

One week: I dreamed that I was a man-eating monster, or the kind with allusions, similar to the Nian beast. When I was young, a boy wanted to adopt me, but his family did not agree, and then I ate stones everywhere , eat people eat telephone booths, and then I was caught.

Er Zhoumu: After I woke up, I opened the door and found that the house was full of blood. My house was robbed, and then everyone in my family was killed. I locked the door in my sleep and escaped death, and then I wanted to take the elevator. I went to the police, but the elevator broke down and I fell to my death.

Three weeks: I woke up and found that I was in my father's hometown. I went out to look for my family. Then I saw a lot of foxes and cats with many tails on the road. I saw a few chickens and went to touch them, but there was a chicken. Bit off my finger, and then I was wounded to death by the train.