Dreams as a starting point for social interaction is more frank, legitimate and emotional, and the frankness of dreams is easier to help people get away from the current overly pretentious and filtered online environment. Sharing dreams is also an instinct, and the mysterious nature of dreams themselves often brings confusion to the people involved.

Carl Jung & Dreams

The dream is “a spontaneous self-portrayal, in symbolic form, of the actual situation in the unconscious”

[CW 8, paragraph 8, Chapter 505]


Dream Journal

Recording daily dream content with text, voice, AI-assisted creation, etc. The default privacy permission is private, and users can select partial public for social matching to find friends with the similar subconscious or even similar dream content


Dream Yoga Assist

Guided visualization meditation, chanting, positive psychological suggestion, and lucid dream training before bedtime help users become more aware of their dreams, improve perception, and reduce the incidence of nightmares


Subconscious Barometer

With collective data analysis, the daily dream characteristics of users across the platform are derived, reflecting collective consciousness and possessing a certain degree of future foresight. And this can serve as an early warning if many people dream simultaneously certain natural disasters (such as an earthquake) will occur in an area.

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