2040s, after great solar flash, stellar evolution, geographical changes, the old society disintegrates, and humanity begins to seek a new way out.

In the cities, some residents integrate with machines to get poor salary barely enough to eat. Personal data and bio-information altogether are strictly managed under the Great-system established by various multinational companies.

Outside the city, plants and animals repopulate with new species gradually appearing. Some people would escape the city to become wanderers rather than be controlled by the Great-system. They establish several tribes and use the decentralized SocialFi software to communicate and find those who wish to escape the city.

The legend of the underground world spreads among the tribes. People say that the inhabitants in those worlds have psychic abilities, and as long as someone is lucky enough to find the entrance and pass the test, they can become a member of the underground world.

Extraterrestrial exploration allows humans to contact other species. And since the surface people haven’t formed a unified civilization, The Confederation of Planets refuses to intervene to mediate the Earth affairs and prohibit direct communication. Meanwhile, space pirates covet on planet earth, underground interstellar trade grows savagely, and the NFT technology is the fundamental need of commerce between different civilizations.

One day, everyone’s Dream-SocialFi App received a message

“As long as 144,000 surface humans reach a united consensus, there will be a representative seat of the human race in the Confederation of Planets.”

From then on, the game begins.