Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

In daily life, heartbeat tests often focus on the number of beats per minute, while heart rate variability (HRV) focuses on the regularity between one heartbeat and another. Whether it is more than 100 beats per minute during sports or less than 30 beats per minute during sleep, the more rhythmic the better. We want to use existing technology to encourage people to achieve a harmonious state of body, mind, and spirit, with a special emphasis on alpha or theta brain waves.

“Higher spectral power of the alpha and theta band was observed at a breathing frequency of 0.1 Hz (Bradypnoe) compared with 0.5 Hz (Tachypnoe).”

— Physiol. Res. 54: 327-333, 2005

“During a breathing frequency of 6 breaths/min (0.1 Hz) a maximization of heart rate variability (HRV) amplitude was detected. This effect has been termed resonance frequency and cardiac coherence.”

— J. Breath Res. 13, 046003, 2019



1. Using A Mobile Phone Camera Or Under-Screen Optical Fingerprint Module For Heartbeat Detection, And The Score Of Heart Rate Variability Is The Standard For Rewarding.
2. For Users Who Have A Smartwatch, The Harmony Level Of Heartbeat And Breath Coherence Is The Standard For Rewarding.

Your heart-brain frequency is the most beautiful curve

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